The Story

PRESIDENT DON CARGO has a heart. He knows what’s good and what’s bad. But he crosses over and becomes addicted to the drug of power and aggrandizes a meglomaniacial world. When do the ends justify the means? MAX RAMM, arguably the world’s richest man wants more: To be the world’s first trillionaire. Ferraris, yachts, mansions, billions in gold, beautiful women themselves mean little. Their two lives intertwine in corruption. First Lady KAREN CARGO leads a parallel life of dedication to helping women like her adopted sister, take control of their own lives and bodies. Young technological genius recluse, TYLER SCHUYLER and his merry band of geeks become entangled in all this. It is nothing less than a sweep of history both real and imagined.

One thought on ““ONE BULLET” Political Thriller coming soon from Amazon’s Createspace

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